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This New Groundbreaking Docu-Series Lifts the Lid on Why Americans Are Being Sold Sickness

And Shines the Light on the Long Forgotten, Natural Remedies for Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Dementia, Heart and Gut Issues

(that ‘Big Pharma’ doesn’t want you to know)

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FREE BONUS: When you register today for free, you'll also get our new exclusive guide:

12 Exercises for Muscle Strength (Valued at $27)

  • Learn about a 30-second exercise that can boost your overall stability, body posture, and balance
  • Discover how to alleviate back pain with one gentle exercise
  • Find out about this “couch” exercise that increases your overall strength and reduces the risk of injury

Our 35 World-Renowned Doctors & Health Experts

have been featured on:

Our 35

World-Renowned Doctors & Health Experts have been featured on:

Have you ever gone to a doctor complaining of brain fog, chronic fatigue, or unexplainable aches and pains…

Only to be told “It’s all in your head.”

Chances are, you have.

And if you haven’t, most likely you know at least one person who has.

In fact, every 1 out of 5 Americans lives through this frustrating experience every day.

The experiences that make them feel confused and misunderstood.

They’re being told to stop being “lazy” when in fact they wake up every day with zero energy, already being tired.

Often, they feel like they live a life in someone else's body and are left “wallowing” in their own misery with no directions or help to solve their health issues.

But that ends today.

Because this 10-part groundbreaking series sheds light on why over half of Americans walking around with a “ticking time bomb” inside…

Waiting for it to explode at any moment and hit them in the face with a life altering disease.

Diseases such as Cancer, Dementia, Diabetes, Heart disease, Crohn’s and more.

But the truth is there is something else that makes millions of Westerners sick and it has nothing to do with bad genetics or aging.

But the truth is there is something else that makes millions of Westerners sick and it has nothing to do with bad genetics or aging.

In fact, it’s the key reason why over half of the U.S population:

- Struggle to drop unwanted pounds, even when they follow the most restrictive diets and spend hours at the gym…

- Fight constant brain fog and fuzziness and are forced to rely on toxic medications just so they can focus on daily tasks

- Develop allergies that just a few decades ago were unheard of

- Experience uncomfortable heartburn, embarrassing gas, loud burping, bloating and constipation after almost every meal

- Battle anxiety and depression on a daily basis, losing hope and faith they’ll ever get better without addictive medications

- Can’t sleep through the night without relying on supplements or sleeping pills that leave them drowsy and exhausted the next day

- Plus so much more

What’s worse, Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about this truth.

What’s worse, Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about this truth.

And it’s the reason why, not only in America but in other Western World countries, doctors are only taught how to treat symptoms of modern day diseases.

And why even well meaning doctors often will tell you to come back to see them when your symptoms get worse… or the current medication stops working.

But the truth is, there are safe, side-effect free, natural treatments available to every person.

That’s why we gathered together 35 of the world’s leading integrative natural medicine doctors, researchers and family physicians to reveal this hidden truth.

When you watch this 10-part groundbreaking health documentary series, you’ll discover:

— Long forgotten, natural ways to help your body heal and reverse most diseases without any medications, invasive procedures, or surgeries. Yes, even cancer!

— Simple strategies to tap into your body's infinite healing powers so you finally have unlimited energy, clear your brain fog, and stop “random” and “unexplainable” aches, pains and stiffness forever.

— How to reverse The “Deadly Quartet” of Diseases: heart disease, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and autoimmune disease without feeding your body toxic cocktail of medication

— The ultra-rare fat that cuts your risk of Alzheimers by 25%. Two studies with over 131,368 men and women prove eating this fat can really save your brain!

— A simple “Ankle test” that beats most blood test at detecting the early signs of Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism

— Shocking truths behind prescription medications. Find out if you’re one of the millions at risk of faster aging, liver failure, and cancer development

— This “Crazy Amy” enzyme dials up your stress hormone causing you develop chronic fatigue and destroys your immune system

— How this seemingly innocent and common childhood injury leads to inevitable Parkinson’s and Dementia 20, 30 or even 40 years later. Find out if you’re at risk and how to reverse the damage today without any medications

— How scientists from Israel discovered a special type of natural chemical that’s found in every part of our cell and is used to treat ulcers naturally without any medications

— A new, breakthrough research on common anti-inflammatory medication shows it actually might be the best anti-obesity drug instead

‘Immune for Life' is an eye-opening, groundbreaking and fascinating docu-series that will arm people with the knowledge and inspiration to take control of their health and life. We wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone suffering from a chronic, autoimmune or neurodegenerative disease as the series is packed with new innovative treatments, prevention protocols and practical advice. It's a must-watch!

Dr. Z & Mama Z

What You Will Find In Each Episode Of This Unique 10-part Docu-Series “Immune For Life”


The Truth About Your Immunity and Our Broken Medical System

— INSIDE: A strong immune system is good, right? Maybe not…Contrary to popular belief, a strong immune system can actually cause more chronic illnesses. Instead you want to have a different kind of immunity

— The number one goal big medication companies are aiming for…sadly it has nothing to do with helping you get better

— A simple lab test to ask your doctor about, which checks the state of your immune system. The best part? Insurance covers this!

— Why Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Crohn’s, Alzheimers are actually signs of dysfunctional immune system and how to treat them in a natural way without antibiotics

— How a simple daily 10-minute activity slashes your chances of developing depression, diabetes, and boosts your energy within seconds

— Did you know that allergies are a sign of an unstable immune system? Plus discover 5 more unusual symptoms your body could be experiencing right now


The Root Causes of Everyday Diseases - Discover the Triggers for Cancer, Dementia, Autoimmune Disease, Diabetes and More

— In this episode, you’ll discover why this M.D. issued an urgent health warning: if you take any of these common pills you need to stop right now

— The ONE thing that makes smokers healthier than people with diabetes, cancer, and obesity combined

— Learn about the 4 types of stress and how it can inhibit (and even STOP completely) your immune function

— Learn about the 2 threatening GIANTS that people are facing as they age (Hint: One of them has to do with your emotions!)

— How to know if your epigenetic expression is working in your favor or is killing you - what controls if your bad genes are on or off; what tests to do

— 4 Sneaky ways toxins can get inside of our bodies and trigger development of cancer, dementia, diabetes and more (and what test you can do to discover unexplainable problems with your health)


The Gut-Immunity Connection: How to Flip the “Bad Genes” Switch & Restore Health

— All inflammation is bad, right? Wrong! Discover the difference between “good” and “bad” inflammation. And sleep soundly at night knowing that you have the answers, the tools, and proven methods to identify the earliest signs of any illness in you or your children…so you can reverse even the most chronic of diseases

— Discover if your immunity may be compromised since birth (and why answering this question is critical for your health)

— How stopping your leaky gut may not be enough to truly heal your body - what else you need to stop in order to fully restore your health

— What signs to look for to detect food malabsorption and why this is critical for understanding and addressing weight gain

— Discover what is a drug-induced nutrient depletion and what 25% of the US drugs do to your microbiome. (that may be linked to symptoms like rashes)


Inflammation, Heart Disease & Chronic Fatigue: Recognize the Signs of Compromised Health to Reverse the Damage

— The 5 major inflammation triggers we do every day without even knowing it

— Discover the difference between the "good" inflammation and "bad" inflammation...And how our everyday activity triggers bad inflammation and what to do about it

— Why 2/3 of Americans suffer from high chronic inflammation and how it activates most chronic diseases

— What is an environmental burden and how it can trigger osteoporosis & inflammation inside your brain?

— Can you bulletproof your body against a heart attack? Discover why more than 90% of heart diseases are preventable and how anyone can tap into this little known secret

— Discover the link between obesity and inflammation and what does this mean for your overall health and immunity

— Learn what Dr. Eric Gordon's clinical study on chronic fatigue revealed about its causes

— What is "cell danger response" and how "too much" antioxidants can actually provoke energy-zapping chronic fatigue


Save Your Brain from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Depression and Keep it Sharp No Matter Your Age

— Discover the “Old” New Antidepressants with zero side effects. Ancient Eastern Medicine have been using them for thousands of years, yet they are banned in most Western countries

— The real reason for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s has nothing to do with genetics but rather with a special type of acid that’s found in some fruits

— Learn about a patient's story who recovered from Parkinson's disease by discovering and removing a specific environmental toxin

— How your dental health can affect your brain health and what are the most common infections that can cause brain inflammation

— How you can increase your healthy brain function by 11 years by adding one ingredient to your diet

— How you can achieve a 90% reduction in your risk of Alzheimer regardless of your genetics


Solutions for Autoimmune Disease to Overcome Hashimoto’s, Lyme, MS, Crohn’s and more

— Discover the fastest growing infectious disease the medical community doesn’t talk about…yet it affects over 500,000 people all over the Western world every year and is linked to autoimmunity

— What blood tests can help you understand how to cure your autoimmune diseases (including Hashimoto and others)

— Learn what is the most effective immunotherapy to help you stop an autoimmune disease and become symptom-free

— Learn about doctor's emotional story about recovering from MS and standing up from a wheelchair (using ground breaking physical therapy)

— The 3 common types of foods patients with autoimmune disease should stop eating immediately if they want to reverse the disease

— Why 20% of Lyme patients cannot be treated with antibiotics (due to resistance) and what you can do about that

— How the medications you are taking for one sickness can be linked to inflammation that can trigger an autoimmune disease


Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes: The 100% Reversible Truth

— How this skeptical medical student went from taking 5 meds at 20 years old, being 21 pounds overweight and struggling with a yeast infection to slim, healthy and unmedicated in less than a month

— Struggle with cravings? Discover the real reason why your body demands you reach out for sweets and chocolate…And how it has nothing to do with your willpower or even your genetics.

— Cellulite is a harmless skin condition, right? Wrong! This doctor reveals the real cause of cellulite and a simplest thing you can do to get rid of it

— How high levels of this fat storing hormones make your immune system weak and increase your chances of dying from cancer, diabetes and heart issues by 75%

— When everything stops working (diet, exercise, lifestyle changes), how technology and lypmh nodes analysis can unblock new pathways for weight loss

— Learn about why Type 2 diabetes in children is the new epidemic in America (even in kids with normal weight)


Escaping Cancer: Digging Deeper into the Lost Connection

— What is the Warburg effect and how it led to one of the biggest misunderstandings about cancer.

— How one of our featured doctors went from being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer to being symptoms free in 4 months

— How our immunity, specifically T reg cells, cleans up cancer stem cells (most dangerous cancer cells) and what vitamins you need to take to become cancer-immune

— Bad genetics are to blame for cancer, right? Maybe not… Only 7% of cancer diagnosis comes from genetics. The rest 93% are caused by little-known three major triggers.

— Find out how quantum physics can help with natural cancer treatment - and why a technology based on this has healed thousands of people

— How a patient with double breast cancer extended her 3-month verdict to 13 years of life.


Trauma and Emotional Healing at the Center of Your Health Journey: Powerful Stories and the Cold Science

— Discover the emotional toxins that are causing depression, cancer, brain fog and chronic fatigue

— Why “getting older” is not a death sentence. Our medical experts share their favorite ways to live a long, healthy, happy and fulfilling life way into your 60s, 70s, and even 90s

— What’s the easiest way to become immune for life? Just doing 5 minutes of this seemingly trivial daily activity bulletproofs your immune system for the next 24 hrs

— How stuck emotions can flip the disease switch and cause cancer, depression, hashimoto's in you and your children

— Learn how an 87-year old woman has a life altering event that heals all her ailments

— What is psychoneuroimmunology and how it is related to chronic and neurodegenerative diseases


Long-Forgotten Natural Therapies & Innovative Treatments: Holistic and Proven Approach for Reversing Diseases

— Did you know the aging process was reversible? Australian researchers made a giant leap in reversing aging. Turns out these mini proteins in our body naturally reverse aging and repair DNA!

— Learn about an effective new treatment (that you can do in the comfort of your house) that helps with wound healing, improved circulation, reduced swelling and all aspects of cell injury, including slowing down aging and cancer growth

— Learn about an innovative therapy for nerves, herniated disks and pain treatments that reduces inflammation in joints

— How to use this groundbreaking therapy for immune-related conditions, like Lyme, autoimmune, chronic fatigue syndrome, brain health and anti-aging

— Learn from the inventor of a new groundbreaking immunological therapy on how it works and why it is so effective for immunological problems, including autoimmune conditions and allergies

— Find out about a miraculous patient's story who avoided back surgery with a combination of innovative therapies, and reduced nerve pain by 70%

— Build immune boosting muscles without exercising? Discover a unique technique athletes have been using to grow muscles without testosterone or gruesome exercises for years.

— Little-known breakthrough therapies to help you detox from heavy metals, pesticides, enhance your body’s healing, and bulletproof your immune system

— Learn about a plasma-based therapy and how it can become your most powerful anti-aging arsenal (in addition to treating immunological disorders)

— Learn about an 11 year old girl's story whose cut-off finger completely heals back using a breakthrough therapy

'Immune for life' is a dynamic docu-series revealing issues with our modern-day medical, pharma and food industries. I think many of us are aware about the problems. What is so valuable about this docu-series are the solutions it offers on what people can do to prevent or reverse chronic disease & conditions they may be facing. This docu-series covers topics like how to find the root cause, gut health, prevention protocols, innovative natural treatment options and much more! This is fascinating information that can empower anyone to take back control of their health and well-being. I highly recommend it!

Shivan Sarna

Secure Your Access Now, Before This 10-part Groundbreaking Documentary Is Taken Down

Imagine how it would feel to be finally understood…

And taken seriously when you share your real life experience with a REAL undiagnosed chronic illness.

Finally, feel in control of your health so you never have to face losing your identity, your freedom, your independence, and your life.

Just think about how it would feel knowing you have the best health insurance, but it’s not costing you a dime … Because your body is bulletproofing itself!

Or how about saving hundreds if not thousands on medical bills, and instead use this money to visit places you always wanted to go…

Or maybe put it away for retirement so you thrive during your “Golden Years” and live stress free.

With each episode of this groundbreaking documentary series you’ll feel that it’s possible to be in complete control of your health and how fast you age…

You’ll see real life examples that prove a simple fact of aging:

Your genetics don’t dictate how long you live, how fast you age, and whether or not you’ll lose your identity, your freedom, your memory and your life.

Because there is a real culprit that’s causing the pain, the aches, the fatigue…

But the best news?

Once you uncover the real truth, you’ll know the exact ways to reverse anything from Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Dementia to Obesity & Diabetes, Gut and Heart Disease…

And finally experience the joy of living, have endless amounts of energy, break free from dependence on medications, and forget about aches, pains and fatigue forever.

Plus you can once and for all sleep soundly at night knowing that you did everything in your control and power to protect yourself and your loved ones from any new life wrecking infections like the recent pandemic.

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Meet Our 35 Medical Doctors and World Renowned Health Experts Featured in ‘Immune for Life’ Docu-Series

Brian Vaszily

Natural Health

Researcher and Advocate

for 20+ years

Joel Fuhrman, MD

7-time NY Times

Bestselling Author

President of Nutritional

Research Foundation

Austin Perlmutter, MD, ABIM

Board-Certified Internal

Medicine, New York Times

Bestselling Author

David Perlmutter, MD

5-time NY Times

Bestselling Author



Afrouz Demeri, ND, IFMCP

Former Director of

Functional Medicine,

University of California Irvine

Christy Wise, Psy.D

Personal Development &

Human Behavior Expert

Ocean Robbins


Food Revolution Network

Paul Anderson, NMD

Alternative Cancer

Treatment Specialist

Matt Cook, MD

Integrative Medicine


Michael Murray, ND

Naturopathic Physician

and Author

Nathan Crane

Natural Health Researcher

Harry Mcllroy, MD

Expert in Medical Cannabis

Heather Sandison, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Ron Rosedale, MD

Founder of Rosedale Center

Kent Holtorf, MD

Functional Immunologist

Elena Villanueva, DC

Doctor of Holistic Medicine

Gerald Natzke, DO, FAAEM,

Doctor of Osteopathy

Keesha Ewers, ARNP

Emotional Trauma Specialist

Gordon Crozier, DO, PhD

Functional Medicine Doctor

William Pawluk, MD, MSc

PEMF Therapy Expert

Barry Smeltzer, MPAS, PA-C

Adjunct Professor, University

of Texas Health Sciences

Kevin Conners, D.PSc, FICT

Conners Clinic,

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Kien Vuu, MD, FAAAMM

Performance and

Longevity Doctor

Sam Sunshine, MD, FAAFP

Board Certified Family

Medicine & Sports Medicine

Terry Wahls, MD, IFMCP

Autoimmune and

Multiple Sclerosis Expert

Melissa Gallagher, ND

Naturopathic Physician &

Lymphatic Therapist

James LaValle, RPH, MT

Clinical Pharmacist,

Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Academic Co-Chair American

Academy of Antiaging medicine

Kelly McCann, MD, IFMCP

Board Certified Internal

Medicine, Pediatrics

& Integrative Medicine

Darin Ingels, ND, FAAEM

Naturopathic Physician

Fellow, American Academy

of Environmental Medicine

Jorge L. Moreno, DO

Traditional Osteopathy

and Integrative Medicine

Ty Vincent, MD

Low Dose Immunotherapy


Eric Gordon, MD

Expert Chronical Illness

Erin Lommen, ND

Naturopathic Physician

Kellee Rutley, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Kashif Khan

CEO, The DNA Company

A power-packed collection of immune-boosting strategies from functional medicine experts. If you're ready to take control of your immune function, watch this!

Ari Whitten

Meet Your Host:

Stefan Apostolov is a lifestyle coach and award-winning film filmmaker specializing in highly impactful video content.

Throughout his life, Stefan focused on building healthy habits and adopting a good nutrition and exercise regime.

He is the CEO of Zonia, a video-streaming platform that helps people change their life and reach their highest potential, both physically and mentally.

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