Are These “Healthy” Foods and Medications Destroying Your Body?

These “disease and obesity triggers” seem to be everywhere - But you can fight back with this information. Sign in to get the 10-step process to lose weight & skyrocket your energy and good mood naturally.

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  • The main triggers of chronic inflammation - the #1 cause of disease in the world! Protect yourself with healthy anti-inflammatory foods you can find in any supermarket to help your body recover from years of damage
  • Scary facts you don’t hear on TV on how food, pharma and medical industries profit off you by keeping you sick
  • The enjoyable 10-step routine that strengthens the body and the mind - See how you can incorporate it in your life for massive health improvements

REVEALED: The Conspiracy Trap of the Big Trio
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Discover the Real Impact that Big Food and Big Pharma Have Over Your Life. How many of these disturbing facts were you aware of ?

  • Why over 50% of Americans are using at least one prescription drug every month
  • How to spot and avoid the #1 food contaminant link to chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, immune dysfunction (page 16)
  • These common ingredients make foods fattening, addictive and destructive. One of these is 48% more fattening than sugar , so avoid it at all costs (page 29)
  • How to Avoid Autoimmune diseases (Learn how and which environmental factors and toxins directly contribute to autoimmune conditions, some of them are hidden in the most unexpected “healthy foods)
  • Why your everyday detergent might cause disease and the common condiment that is bad for your heart
  • Discover the main factor that triggers 60% of cancer cases
  • Why 30% of the drugs we use were proven useless for the disease we are trying to treat
  • Is your doctor overprescribing you medications? Discover how the system is built to keep you sick and obedient, and how to escape from this cycle
  • How to easily identify dietary triggers that make you sick and overweight - And when to replace these foods with healthier alternatives
  • The truth about our Genes and Mental Health ( not what you may expect!)
  • How prescription drugs can trigger inflammation in our bodies. Uncover the #1 Culprit on page 20
  • And many more.
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Vesela Apostolova

Executive Director at a NYC-based Financial Services Firm

The information in this health protocol is truly lifesaving. Everyone needs to read it!