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A Wake-Up Call: Avoid These 80,000+ Environmental Toxins
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Aired on

February 22 | 9 PM EST
1 episode
The Truth About Environmental Toxins: The Invisible IV Drip That Poisons Our Health
Aired on

February 23 | 9 PM EST
2 episode
A Wake-Up Call: Avoid These 80,000+ Environmental Toxins
Aired on

February 24 | 9 PM EST
3 episode
The Biggest Myths About Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases: What is Really Happening to Your Body
Aired on

February 25 | 9 PM EST
4 episode
Endocrine System: Conquer The Hormonal Imbalance
Aired on

February 26 | 9 PM EST
5 episode
Cancer & Toxicity: Unroot the Hidden Causes Behind Cancer
Aired on

February 27 | 9 PM EST
6 episode
Little-Known Natural Therapies & Treatments: The “Silver Bullet” Against Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Hormonal Imbalances, and more
Aired on

February 28 | 9 PM EST
7 episode
The Roadmap to Heal Yourself While Healing The Planet
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