4 Ways to Change Your Negative Perspective and Prepare Yourself for Success

Blog Mind 4 Ways to Change Your Negative Perspective and Prepare Yourself for Success

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6.24.2020 0 comments

Did you know that your mindset plays a huge role in your success?

A person who has a positive perspective will be ready for success, hungry for it, and constantly on the lookout for opportunities. Someone with a negative perspective will be so focused on the “bad” that they’ll never be able to see the “good”. Because they don’t believe success is possible, they won’t be ready to recognize it, seize it, or capitalize on it when it finally comes.

Don’t let that be you!

Change your mindset from negative to positive, and you’ve got a significantly higher chance of success. Here are a few ways you can take the negative things in life and shift them to positive so you’ll be ready when your big moment comes.

1. Accept Problems and Failures are Inevitable--and that's Not a Bad Thing

We all fail, we all make mistakes, and we’re all dogged by problems beyond our control. Understanding and accepting that it’s inevitable—and not necessarily a bad thing—is the first step toward changing our mindsets from negative to positive.

Yes, problems and obstacles can be overwhelming. Failures may make you feel like you don’t have what it takes to succeed. The negative can look so big that we have no way to see beyond them while we’re dealing with them.

But it’s important that you train yourself to shift your perspective. When faced with a problem or a failure, you need to transform your outlook on these things from negative to positive.

We’re all going to fail; treat every failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. We’re all going to run into problems too big to solve; treat every one of them as a chance to tackle something difficult creatively, and find a new solution for something that feels impossible to deal with.

If you can start looking at problems and failures as what they are—learning experiences that are an inevitable part of life, and a springboard to growth—you’ll find you are much kinder to yourself and less overwhelmed with negativity when they inevitably arise.

2. Practice Logical Objectivity Instead of Emotional Reactivity

A lot of people tend to act based on their gut instincts, and are controlled by their emotions.

Emotions have a place in the workplace, and in all human interactions. After all, humans are emotion-driven beings, and we often tend to let our emotions dictate our actions.

Unfortunately, emotional reactivity can often lead to negative mindsets and outcomes. If you immediately get defensive, offended, angry, or insulted, you’ll find that difficult situations become a lot bigger and can spiral out of control.

Time to change your perspective and reactions!

Shift from emotion-driven reactivity to a logic-driven objectivity. Train your mind to shut down the emotional reaction, and instead take a step back and look at the problem or situation through a lens of logic. Pull the emotions out of the situation and analyze things with your rational mind.

This is VERY difficult to do, especially in emotionally charged situations, but if you can train your mind to think this new way and re-frame everything through a much more logical lens, you’ll find it gets so much easier to deal with challenges and challenging people.

3. Look Past the Problem, Focus on the Improvement

So many of us get lost focusing on the problem, on how things have gone wrong or are “broken” beyond our ability to fix. We tend to start feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem, so much so that we almost shut down before we even have a chance to start thinking about the solution.

Resist this temptation!

Next time you’re faced with a problem, force yourself to step back, take a deep breath, and look past the enormous obstacle ahead. Instead, think about how this situation is helping you to adapt, to fix a process that was broken, or to find a new solution to an old problem. Focus on how this particular obstacle is going to make you and your operations a whole lot better once you figure it out.

It’s a simple mindset switch, but it can have huge positive repercussions for everything you do. Once you start seeing the golden opportunity in every problem, you’ll find it’s so much easier to deal with problems because your mind is now trained to see them as chances for improvement.

4. Find the Good in Every Bad

That’s right: every bad has something good in it!

This goes hand in hand with the previous mindset change, shifting past the problem to see the potential for improvement.

But even the problem itself may have something good in it. Maybe it highlighted a problem with your current processes, or it’s shown you an area of yourself that might be weak and in need of focus. Heck, it might have saved you a lot of money in the long run because it forced you to fix the problem before it got too big.

The concept of Yin and Yang isn’t just about good and bad on opposite sides; it’s about the good in the bad and the bad in the good. Train your mind to search for that little bit of good in every bad, and your mind will start to see each new obstacle, problem, and failure through far less bleak glasses!


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