5 Ways to Find the Energy to Keep Going When Depression Drags You Down

Blog Health 5 Ways to Find the Energy to Keep Going When Depression Drags You Down

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11.19.2019 0 comments

Depression can be one of the most demotivating, soul-sucking, strength-sapping battles you face in your day. It can make you feel trapped, bound to your bed, and too weak to get up. You’re left exhausted, with no will to move from wherever you’ve collapsed.

Sound familiar? The truth is that depression (and other mental health issues) is far more common than most people realize. A staggering number of people struggle with depression on a daily basis. It can threaten to derail their lives and stop them from living happy, healthy existences.

But when depression drags you down, you can find the strength to fight it! Arm yourself with the tools to harness your mental power to push back against the depression that threatens to drown and you’ll be able to get up and fight it off.

Here are five simple tricks you can use to find motivation when depression is dragging on you:

Just One Thing

Depression can make it seem like everything you have to do is too big, too overwhelming, and too impossible, so why bother getting out of bed or even trying? This feeling of being overwhelmed can be crippling if you don’t know how to cope.

Don’t worry about getting through the entire day! Don’t focus on all the things you have to do. Instead, think about just ONE THING. One simple, easy task that you can accomplish in the space of a few minutes. One task as mundane as using the bathroom, taking a shower, or eating some food. Whatever it is, make it something that you can easily accomplish.

It’s going to be hard to fight to get that one thing done, but if you make it an easy one, that accomplishment will often be enough to help push back the depression. After all, you’ve managed to complete that one thing, so you’ve got what it takes to complete another, and another, and another.

Find Something to Make You Smile

We’ve all got that favorite movie, TV show, or comic book that brings a smile to our faces on the good days. Maybe some actually make us laugh out loud or give us the giggles.

If they work on the good days, they may be all you’ve got to cling to on the bad days!

When depression’s getting you down, reach for that something familiar and funny, and use it to put a smile on your face. Watch that old movie that you love, or pull out that season of your favorite sitcom. Flip through the pages of your comic strips and see if it makes you smile.

Anything that gets you to smile or laugh, even just a VERY LITTLE BIT, could prove enough to help pull you out of your depression. It won’t just stop you from feeling depressed, it can distract you from your negative feelings long enough to actually feel good again.

Get Active

When you’re depressed, the last thing many people want to do is exercise. It can be one of the hardest things to do, to drag yourself out of bed, put on gym clothes, and go be in public around other people.

But maybe don’t bother with the gym. Instead, work out at home, put on an exercise video, or go for a walk or run.

Depression can make it incredibly difficult to exercise, and you may find yourself absolutely demotivated as you train. But pushing through the funk to get at least a half-decent workout is an amazing way to fight through the gloom.

Exercise balances your hormones and neurochemicals, helping to restore a sense of “normalcy”. It can give you a boost of endorphins that makes you feel better. Plus, when you shower after your workout, it may feel like “washing away the funk”.

Phone a Friend

Depression can make you feel isolated and lonely, but many people hate the thought of seeing others when they’re feeling depressed.

So don’t see them—talk to them.

When depression hits, take a few minutes to call a friend and talk to them. Try moving around or doing something—clean the house, wash a few dishes, straighten up, etc.—while you talk. Between the human connection and the physical activity, you’ll find you feel a whole lot better.

Find the Beauty

Take a walk in the woods. Sit by the beach or riverside. Watch cute animal videos or cute kids videos on YouTube. Listen to your favorite music. Do anything that reminds you of the beauty and wonder in life.

Focusing on the good can help you to forget about—or at least look past—the bad. Having something beautiful to focus on may be just the thing to pull you out of your depression.

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