Can Homeopathic Medicine Treat Infectious Diseases? [The Science]

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12.10.2021 0 comments

Homeopathic medicine has received a lot of attention in recent years.

Proponents of this medical system are firm in their belief that the body truly is capable of curing itself using only natural substances found in nature to stimulate the innate healing processes.

Unfortunately, lack of evidence has undercut the claims made by homeopathic doctors and healers. Even the National Institutes of Health states clearly, “There’s little evidence to support homeopathy as an effective treatment for any specific health condition.”

Well, perhaps that’s about to change…

A paper published in 2020 [1] took a look at microbial resistance, currently one of the greatest global threats to health, and made it clear that combining homeopathic and modern medical treatments could be the way of the future, a means to more effectively combat the problem.

Both the World Health Organization and the European Union have shown interest in combining treatments in what is known as “complementary medicine”. Essentially, adding homeopathy to both human and veterinary treatments has the potential to increase the effectiveness of those treatments, encouraging the body to naturally repair itself in tandem with modern medications.

As one press release stated, “Evidence for the effectiveness of human and veterinary homeopathy in general, and in particular in the treatment of infections, is sufficiently proven for further research in this field.”

It went on to say, “In addition to studies on the proof of the effectiveness of homeopathy for infections, data from health care research, so-called Real World Data, show the potential for a significant reduction in the use of antibiotics through homeopathic treatments.”

As the 2020 paper concluded, “further integration of homeopathy at universities is a necessary requirement for the patients' best interests.”

How cool is that?!

Though there is a lot more research needed to determine the full extent of homeopathic medicine’s effectiveness, there is official interest in combining homeopathy with modern treatments. By doing so, the goal is to reduce the dependence on antibiotics—in turn decreasing microbial resistance—and tap into the body’s natural repair mechanisms.

Yes, there is still a long way for homeopathic medicines to be accepted into the medical community at large. More studies need to be done into the effectiveness of these remedies and cures, and researchers need to take a much closer look at the way homeopathic medicine helps the body to repair itself.

But it’s encouraging to know that modern medicine is trending in that direction!

As you know, our goal with everything we do is to help your body to function better, as naturally as possible.

All of our recommendations revolve around harnessing the innate healing and regenerative abilities within your body. Our entire Zonia platform focuses on providing the latest science and information that could help not only slow aging but counteract disease and extend your lifespan.

So we’re incredibly excited to see that the world at large is sitting up and taking note of the body’s natural restorative functions and capabilities. It’s further proof that we’re on the right track.

We’ll continue to share more information as further research into “complementary medicine” progresses, and hope to find many, many more fascinating breakthroughs in homeopathic and natural treatments!




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