Tasty Smoothie Recipes to Kick-off the New Year

Blog Nutrition & Recipes Tasty Smoothie Recipes to Kick-off the New Year

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11.19.2019 0 comments

Start the new year with these delicious smoothie recipes that are both healthy and tasty!

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  • Strawberry/ Blueberry smoothie parfait Layer 1: blended strawberry

– Layer 2: blended blueberry

– Topping: yoghurt + fresh berries, grated coconut

  • Carrot/Orange smoothie

– 2 carrots

– The juice from 2 oranges

– 1 large apple

  • Blueberry/coconut smoothie

– 1 cup fresh blueberries

– 1 cup coconut milk

– chia seeds

– topping: fresh coconut pieces, fresh berries

  • Spinach/banana and pineapple smoothie

– 1 large handful spinach

– 1 banana

– 1 handful fresh pineapple

– chia seeds

– almond milk

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