5G and EMFs: Danger to Humanity or Harmless Convenience?

Blog Lifestyle 5G and EMFs: Danger to Humanity or Harmless Convenience?

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The subject of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and 5G is a cause of significant debate.

Many argue that they are utterly harmless, while others believe that the emerging evidence is strong enough to at least put some doubt about the innocuous nature of this radiation.

For the sake of your health and awareness, we’re going to take a closer look at the subject to see just what sort of danger EMFs and 5G might pose to your health.

In this article, we’ll examine what they are, how they might affect your wellbeing, what science has discovered thus far, and what warnings have been given to the general public. We’ll also take time to look at ways you can reduce your exposure to and contact with EMFs and 5G so you’re armed with the knowledge you need to stay safe in our modern world.

An In-Depth Look at EMFs and 5G

What You Need to Know About EMFs

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, exist in nature. The sun sends out radiation and waves that cause EMFs, and the earth has its own magnetic field, too.

However, when people talk about EMFs, they’re typically referring to the electromagnetic fields emitted by modern devices—everything from X-ray machines to microwaves to electric power lines to indoor lights.

There are two types of EMFs you need to know about:

  • Low- to mid-frequency EMFs. This is non-ionizing radiation emitted by household appliances: washing machines, microwaves, cellphones, and hair dryers, to name just a few. MRI machines and power lines also produce these EMFs.

  • High-frequency EMFs. This is ionizing radiation emitted by X-ray machines, CT scanners, and tanning beds. The UV radiation emitted by the sun is also a high-frequency EMF, as is gamma radiation emitted by radioactive elements.

Not surprisingly, the latter type of EMF is the one far more likely to do harm. Research [1] has linked high-frequency EMFs to cellular and DNA damage. Overexposure to sunlight, for example, can lead to skin cancer. Exposure to gamma radiation can cause significant harm to your body.

However, the more common cause for concern in modern times has been low and mid-frequency EMFs. Our modern lifestyle already takes into account the dangers of high-frequency EMFs—which is why we wear sunscreen when we spend time in the sun, limit time in tanning beds, and are highly cautious around radioactive materials—but less so EMFs.

This is partially because low- and mid-frequency EMFs has only recently been proven to be a potential source of harm for humans, though nowhere near the same level as high-frequency EMFs.

Back in 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified these EMFs in Group 2B, which is “a possible human carcinogen” [2]. The evidence they analyzed led them to conclude there might be a risk of cancer—particularly gliomas—and so they made a public statement that EMFs were a cause for concern and something to watch and research further moving forward.

The National Cancer Institute also has assembled a great deal of research into these EMFs, and has shared their findings [3], including:

  • Children with frequent and repeated exposures to power lines had a small but noticeable increase in childhood leukemia risk.

  • Women who are frequently exposed to low-frequency EMFs may have a higher risk of developing breast cancer (though only one study [4] provided any data close enough to “concrete”).

  • U.S. Navy personnel who were tasked with maintaining, repairing, and/or operating radiofrequency or microwave-emitting equipment were possibly at greater risk of brain cancer.

The World Health Organization has also created a new condition for those who are sensitive to EMFs: electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or EHS. [5] As a result of exposure to EMFs, people with EHS may experience:

  • Heart palpitations

  • Nausea

  • Dizziness

  • Fatigue

  • Concentration difficulties

  • Tiredness

  • Digestive disturbances

Further research into EMFs have found that the energy can affect humans and animals in some pretty terrifying ways. One animal study [6] exposed rats to EMFs and discovered that their nerve activity was affected. In fact, the study found EMFs led to neuropsychiatric effects, with the rats experiencing cognitive impairment similar to Alzheimer’s disease.

There is also the risk of tissue heating. Research [7] has indicated that both the heat and electromagnetic fields emitted by cellphones led to both altered nerve activity and increased body tissue heating. The potential for long-term harm has not yet been fully studied, but it’s very much a cause for concern.

Finally, it’s important to understand that EMFs have the potential to cause long-term harm to the planet as well.

One 2015 paper [8] studied the effects of EMFs on the environment, and concluded, “The effects of electromagnetic radiation on plants and animal life include the diminished radial growth of pine trees, lowered density of bird species and mammals, such as storks, sparrows and bats, effects on bees, effects on magnetic-based homing mechanisms of birds, and many other effects.”

That’s both plants and animals being affected right alongside humans. Is it possible that EMFs could be partially—or even fractionally—responsible for climate change? Research has yet to determine that conclusively, but it’s very much a concern to be aware of.

What You Need to Know About 5G

5G is a very specific type of EMF. It’s the latest in wireless network technology, and its recent (circa 2020) widespread use has been cause for alarm among those concerned by EMFs and their dangers.

There is a concern that the prevalence of 5G towers and 5G-enabled devices could increase our exposure to EMFs, which could have the myriad potential hazards and side effects shared above.

While 5G hasn’t been around long enough for any long-term consequences to be seen or documented, the research into the dangers of other EMFs still holds true. As such, it’s important to be aware that exposure to 5G wireless technology may have similar dangers as the EMFs emitted by other devices—including microwaves, cellphones, and power lines.

How to Stay Safe in Our Modern World

Here’s a hard truth: in our modern world so filled with technology and devices, there’s no way to fully avoid exposure to EMFs unless you want to live in an underground bunker that has absolutely no technology more modern than a wood stove. Not very likely, is it?

The best thing you can do in this day and age is reduce your exposure to EMFs, not avoid it entirely. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to limit the EMFs in your life:

Step 1: Reduce exposure and proximity to power lines and transformers. You may not be able to avoid them entirely—they’re everywhere, especially in the city—but you can reduce your exposure. Make sure your home is far away from power stations and transformers, and consider walking and driving along routes that have as few power lines as possible.

Step 2: Remove EMF-emitting devices from your home. Microwave ovens are a good place to start. They use radiation to cook and heat your food. No microwave in your home means one less source of EMFs. Old TV and computer screens may also be a potential source of EMFs. Consider removing them and upgrading to LED, plasma, or LCD screens, which only emit small amounts of radiation. And when watching TV, make sure to sit far away (at least 3-6 feet) to avoid exposure.

Step 3: Reduce cellphone usage. Limit your cellphone use to only what is necessary. Avoid surfing the internet for hours every day or talking with your ear pressed to your phone for hours. Find activities that take you away from your phone, and use headphones (wired, not Bluetooth) if you’re going to talk on the phone. At night, put your phone on airplane mode and away from your head.

Step 4: Practice good “electricity hygiene” at home. At night, unplug any electric-powered devices that aren’t necessary to keep running. The fridge and freezer should stay plugged in (for obvious reasons), but you can unplug your TV, clocks, computer, and any other unnecessary devices.

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In Conclusion

As you can see, the evidence about the potential hazards of EMFs and 5G is growing. Your health is nothing to play around with. If there’s even the slightest risk that they could be causing you harm—in many cases, needlessly—isn’t it the smarter choice to mitigate and reduce your risk?

Hopefully, the information we shared above has given you a greater understanding of what EMFs and 5G are and how they have the potential to harm your health. It’s up to you to take action and reduce exposure whenever and wherever possible.


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