7 Applications of Apple Cider Vinegar As a Home Remedy and Prevention of Diseases

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Apple cider vinegar is a truly amazing substance!

Not only is it the primary ingredient in most of your favorite salad dressings, but it’s also a natural remedy for controlling blood sugar, satiates your hunger pangs, reduces cancer, and even improves your skin health!

One of the most amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar comes from its anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. You will find that it is a truly spectacular home remedy for a wide range of diseases and health problems—from sore throats to skin conditions to bacterial infections.

The Scientific Proof Apple Cider Vinegar is Awesome

Apple cider vinegar has been the subject of a number of studies that delved into its healing and beneficial properties. Research has found some pretty amazing results to prove that it’s a marvelous remedy with a wide number of uses.

One study in 2018 [1] looked at the antimicrobial activity of apple cider vinegar, testing its effectiveness against a number of fungi and bacteria, including:

  • E. coli

  • Staphylococcus aureus

  • Candida albicans

Apple cider vinegar was watered down—between a 1:2 and 1:50 ratio—and tested against these three pathogens. It was found that Candida yeast was affected with a stronger concentration of vinegar (1:2), while E. coli was affected by even a very small amount of apple cider vinegar (1:50). This is proof of apple cider vinegar’s potency when it comes to treating fungal and bacterial infections.

The apple cider vinegar also had some pretty marvelous effects on the pathogens. Cytokine secretion decreased as a result of the vinegar, as did inflammatory markers. The vinegar also impaired cellular integrity and decreased the enzymes produced by the pathogens. As the study concluded, apple cider vinegar “has multiple antimicrobial potential with clinical therapeutic implications.”

Another study from 2019 [2] examined the effects of apple cider vinegar on bacteria, fungi, and viruses, analyzing it as a potential home remedy. The study found that apple cider vinegar had immediate and visible effects on all of the pathogens at full concentration, but when it was watered down to 25% strength, certain types of yeast—such as Candida yeast—were less susceptible to its effects.

The study made it clear that the benefits of apple cider vinegar are the result of the phenolic compounds in the vinegar, as well as its high antioxidant content and bioactive compounds. The study concluded that apple cider vinegar has been proven to be useful for generalized treatments, but further research is needed for realistic and safe applications.

The list of possible home remedies and applications for apple cider vinegar is incredibly long, and includes [3]:

Preserving food – Vinegar has been used for centuries to pickle and preserve foods. Pickling foods deactivates the enzymes in acidic foods and kills off bacteria before it can cause spoilage, ensuring the food lasts a lot longer.

Suppressing appetite – Many studies have indicated that apple cider vinegar could be an amazing weight loss tool, thanks to its ability to both activate and burn stored fats and to suppress appetite. One Japanese study [4] found that men who drank water with apple cider vinegar every day saw a visible decrease in their visceral fat, waist circumference, body weight, BMI, and cholesterol levels.

Fight cancer – Research has indicated that apple cider vinegar can kill cancer cells in vitro [5]. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it can induce cellular apoptosis (death) in cancer cells. While it’s not a recognized cancer treatment, it’s one more addition to your list of home remedies to aid you in the prevention and management of cancer.

Treat sore throats – If you’ve got a sore throat as the result of an infection, it may be a good idea to make yourself a gargle using warm water and a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. Though there have been no studies conducted to provide concrete evidence, this is one of the oldest home remedies for treating sore throats. Apple cider vinegar has potent antibacterial properties that could help to kill off whatever is causing the infection. Just be aware that highly concentrated apple cider vinegar can burn your throat, so make sure to dilute it before gargling.

Cleanse your produce – Worried about bacteria and germs on your fruits and vegetables? Run them through a bath of cold water with a splash of apple cider vinegar! The antibacterial properties of the vinegar will help to kill off any bacteria or germs on the produce, and may even wash off any pesticides clinging to the fruits and veggies. Studies have found that washing food like lettuce in apple cider vinegar is an excellent way to get rid of Salmonella and E. coli bacteria [6].

Mouthwash – Want to make sure your mouth is extra clean after a meal? Add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar into half a cup of warm water and use it to swish around in your mouth. The vinegar will help to kill off any bacteria breeding in your mouth while cleaning out food that might be stuck between your teeth.

Rinse your hair – Using a bit of apple cider vinegar with water to rinse your hair could be an amazing new addition to your haircare routine. Not only will the acidity of the vinegar help to remove accumulated product that might be clinging to your hair, but it can detangle your hair and increase its shine. Just pay attention to your scalp—if you feel it tingling, the vinegar may be too strong for your sensitive skin.

Apple cider vinegar is particularly effective against dandruff. Add a spoonful into a glass of warm water, pour the mixture over your head, and massage it into your scalp. The acidity of the vinegar can help to prevent bacteria from multiplying and accelerating the turnover rate of your scalp skin cells, preventing dandruff.

As you can see, apple cider vinegar has some truly amazing properties. If you don’t already utilize it in your home, it’s definitely time to start!


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