Poached Salmon with Fig and Mango Salsa on top of Sweet Potato and Carrot Puree

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Let’s talk salmon! This recipe will delight you with rich summary flavors combined in the most healthy way for an elegant dish perfect for any occasion!

Poached Salmon

1) Single side skinny salmon fillet (approximately 2lbs)
2) One bunch of green onion and a spring of thyme
3) The juice and peel of one lemon and peel of one lime
4) Four garlic cloves
5) One cup of leaks washed and cut
6) One cup of white wine and enough water to submerge the fish

Rinse off fish make sure it’s skinned pat dry. Place in shallow pan filled with 1 cup of white wine and enough water that the fish is submerged. Salt-and-pepper to taste. Add all the fresh herbs lemon and lime peel garlic and lemon juice. Cook until fish starts to firm up about 15-20min.


Fig and mango salsa

1) One large mango peeled and diced
2) Five small mission figs
3) Ten cherry tomatoes
4) Half a small red onion cubed
5) Half a cup diced red bell pepper
6) Half a Serrano pepper
7) Two tablespoons chopped up fresh cilantro
8) Squeeze half a lemon and 1 lime

In a bowl mix all ingredients salt, pepper and olive oil to taste.

Carrot and sweet potato purée

1) One large sweet potato or yam
2) Two carrot sticks washed and cut in 3 inch lengths
3) Four dates
4) 1 tablespoon honey
5) Quarter teaspoon cumin
6) Salt and pepper to taste

Wash, peel, cut into cubes the sweet potato add to a pot of water with carrots and boil until soft. Remove sweet potatoes and carrots from liquid place in bowl use a fork or a potato masher, add the cumin salt and pepper to taste, butter if you like or olive oil, and dates. Finish with honey to taste and more butter to make it creamy.

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