Top 10 Summer Products You Need in Your Beauty Routine

Blog Lifestyle Top 10 Summer Products You Need in Your Beauty Routine

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11.19.2019 0 comments

Summer is here!

The weather is beautiful, temperatures are rising, the sun is high, and it’s time to head to the great outdoors to enjoy every minute of our favorite season of the year.

But don’t forget to take care of your body…

Lots of time out in the sun can burn and dry your skin and hair and increase wrinkles. Hours spent enjoying your favorite summer activities can leave you dehydrated, and all those summer BBQs might not be the best for your waist line.

If you want to stay healthy and in good shape this summer, here are the summer products you absolutely need:

  • Moisturizing Gel or Serum –With the sun high and the weather hot, your skin is more likely to suffer from daily dryness than it ever would the rest of the year. You don’t want to deal with thick, heavy lotions and creams during the summer time, so that’s where light gels and serums come in handy. Make sure to always carry a bottle of moisturizing gel or serum around—even better if it comes with tint to give your skin a bit of color and SPF/UV protection to ward off sunburn!

  • Sunscreen –There is nothing more important for your skin health than a good sunscreen if you’re going to be spending long hours under the sun. Make sure to find at least SPF 30 to SPF 60, and apply it regularly throughout the day. Sunburn damages and dries out your skin, leaves you dehydrated, and can cause serious exhaustion. Protect your skin, and you’ll feel 100% better all summer long!

  • Green Tea – Green tea is great for your summer waistline, as it targets stubborn belly fat and burns it. But it’s also amazing for your skin: it clears clogged pores, reduces puffiness, prevents aging, controls dandruff, and exfoliates. Have yourself a cup or three of green tea every day, and dab the tea bag on your face, particularly around your eyes. It’ll do wonders to make your skin healthy and glowing this summer!

  • Hot Lemon Water –The best way to start your day! Make sure your morning routine includes a mug of hot lemon water (sans honey or sugar) every day this summer. You’ll find it does wonders: detoxifies chemicals and toxins, maintains your body’s pH balance, provides immune-boosting Vitamin C, improves digestion, provides critical minerals, fights colds and the flu, encourages better metabolic function, provides electrolytes, hydrates your body, protects your oral health, and aids in healthy bowel movements. Definitely a good addition to your summer mornings!

  • Superfood Powder –With all those summer BBQs, vacations, and beach trips, it can be hard to eat right. Don’t sweat it—use a superfood powder to give your body all the vitamins, nutrients, and fiber you need to be healthy, even on days when you’re struggling to get those micronutrients. Just one scoop a day will be more than enough to keep your body properly nourished all summer long.

  • Vegan Protein Powder –Protein powder will help you develop the muscles you need to keep up with your summer activities, and will help you come through the other side a fitter, healthier person. Plus, it’s a great source of post-workout energy and will shorten your recovery times.

  • Skin Brightening Serum – Light, airy, and filled with nutrients that will improve your skin tone, these serums are worth using all summer long. They’ll help to restore a healthy balance of pigmentation to your face and help you look your best.

  • Face Mask – Now that you’re sweating heavily, it’s time to give those pores a cleanse! Finish your summer weekends with a good face mask to get rid of any dirt, grime, or dead skin cells trapped in your pores. You’ll feel like a million bucks and give your skin a healthy glow.

  • Eye Cream — With all that time you’re going to spend squinting against the bright sun, an eye cream will do wonders to prevent or reduce wrinkles. Make sure to apply your eye cream every night before bed, and possibly even again in the morning. A few minutes of eye care a day will drastically slow the aging caused by summer heat and brightness. Our favorite product on the market is this revolutionary eye cream that rejuvenates tired and puffy eyes with USDA organic blend of nature’s premiere extracts and botanicals. Purity Wood’s age defying eye cream is designed to address the complex issues of skin aging and is a must try if you are serious about looking young and bright.

  • Deep Conditioner – A good conditioner can make a world of difference for your hair health! Not only will it protect the hair from drying out under the hot sun, but it’ll keep your scalp healthy and balance out skin oil production. Bonus points if you can get a deep conditioner that comes with SPF/UV protection—it’ll do wonders to protect your hair and scalp from getting burned after a long day in the sun.

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