7 Things to Let Go of Your Life (in Order to Make Room for Positive Change)

Blog Lifestyle 7 Things to Let Go of Your Life (in Order to Make Room for Positive Change)

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10.29.2021 0 comments

The Law of Attraction tells us that negative thoughts breed negative energy, which in turn brings negative experiences into our life. On the flip side, positive thoughts increase positive energy and generate positive experiences.

So what are you focusing on? Are your thoughts mostly positive, or do you find yourself wrestling with negative feelings and thoughts?

It’s important to let go of old, negative patterns of feeling and thinking in order to make room for new and beautiful experiences and emotions.

Here are seven things to let go of in your life:

1. Let go of the desire to fit.

We all want to fit in, to be liked by the people we like or who are in our circle of friends and acquaintances. In truth, there’s nothing wrong with this. It feels good to be liked—it builds our confidence when we know we fit in and have found our “tribe”.

But you can take it too far. The need to fit in EVERYWHERE and to be liked by EVERYONE can lead to obsessing over the opinions of others. You can find yourself wondering “Do they like me?” which often leads to “Why don’t they like me?” and off you go down the rabbit hole of guilt, shame, anxiety, fear, or doubt.

Let go of that desire to fit in everywhere and with everyone. Find your place, find your tribe, and let that be enough for you.

2. Let go of self-criticism.

We are our own harshest critics! We excel at dwelling on our past failings and mistakes, at finding ways we messed up. Our brains are hard-wired for self-criticism. Unfortunately, that is a lot of negative energy that will bring negative feelings and negative experiences into your life.

Accept that you’re going to make mistakes, that you’re imperfect, and that you’ve screwed up. Then let that go. Stop treating yourself harshly and criticizing yourself for who you are or what you’ve done in the past. Make it a point to find the good and positive about yourself, the things that you like and that make you happy to be you. Do this daily, every chance you get, and slowly your mindset will shift to view yourself in a positive, favorable light.

3. Let go of criticism of others.

Just like we can criticize ourselves cruelly, we can be equally cruel to others. Even if you never voice those criticisms aloud, they’re still there in your mind, taking root and festering with negativity.

Make an effort to stop thinking critical thoughts about others. Be kind and gentle. When others make mistakes, accept them just as you want them to accept yours. Focus on the positive aspects of the people around you, and over time, you’ll see everyone in a more positive light.

4. Let go of toxic relationships.

They will weigh you down and ruin your life! Toxic people radiate toxicity, which will infect you and make your life more negative. Not only that, but in order to be good to those people, you have to give up parts of yourself and stop being who you really are. That’s a dangerous, slippery slope.

Free yourself of toxic people, and find those who uplift you and make you better.

5. Let go of fear of failure.

Fear of failure will stop you from taking chances, accepting risks, and making the mistakes that are an inevitable part of life. Try new things, embrace change, and give yourself the opportunity to grow—even if that growth includes some failure.

6. Let go of attachments to material things.

We all have some “toy” we love: a beautiful house, fast car, modern electronics, gadgets, fashionable clothing, and the list goes on. But an attachment to material things will only weigh you down. Not only will you be stuck in one place, but you’ll waste a great deal of mental energy worrying about those things—worrying they’ll be stolen, damaged, or no longer cutting-edge.

Enjoy the material things you own but don’t let them rule your life and thoughts. Prepare yourself to give them up should the opportunity arise for something greater. Do this, and you’ll feel lighter, freer, and more flexible to move forward with your life.

7. Let go of negative comparisons to others.

There will always be someone better, smarter, stronger, better-looking, richer, and more successful than you. Accepting that brings a massive sense of freedom—you no longer have to try to be the “best” or “most” anything.

Compare yourself not to others, but to who you were before. As long as you are doing better than you were yesterday, you are the best version of yourself that you can be!


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