The Real Reason There Is No Cure For Cancer In 2018 (Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With Medical Technology)

Blog Health The Real Reason There Is No Cure For Cancer In 2018 (Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With Medical Technology)

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11.19.2019 0 comments

Here we are in 2018, and there is still no medical cure for cancer.

Despite all the advances in medical technology and science, there is no “known cure for cancer.” And it’s hard to understand why.

But when you see reports that say cancer spending doubled in the last 5 years1, suddenly everything makes sense.

Big money in healthcare is made by treating sick people, not keeping people healthy.

Even the doctors training reflects this.

You’ve probably heard that in four years at Medical School, doctors only spend one-hour learning about nutrition. But what you may not have heard is how medical students are subjected to a barrage of pharmaceutical advertising while they are training.

Medical students receive gifts such as free meals, textbooks, pocket texts, and even drug samples from pharmaceutical companies. As they are exposed to the pharmaceutical companies and their marketing, any skepticism they had slowly but surely diminishes2.

As this toxic relationship grows, treatments or health regimes that fall outside of the pharmaceutical model are a treated as a threat to this billion-dollar business.

These close-minded clinicians are taught to stick to what they know, no matter how outdated or harmful the treatments are.

This goes for all diseases and disorders, but it especially applies to cancer.

Breaking Through The Illusion Of Health “Care”

When health “care” is driven by profit, there isn’t a lot of care happening.

Which is why frustrated holistic practitioners and cancer experts have started to speak up.

They know that spending time learning about how our bodies, our nutrition, and our minds all work together to heal disease naturally … especially cancer is the answer. They are putting the “care” back into health care.

But this is a huge threat to BIG pharmaceutical and cancer research companies who have a lot to lose if these natural health alternatives actually come to light. Up until recently, they were able to silence or discredit anyone who dared to go against them.

Their Time Is Up!

The good news is, there is a movement of experts and cancer survivors sharing their success stories and the truth about cancer.

That truth, it turns out, is that there are solutions for treating cancer naturally every day and without the use of drugs pushed by pharmaceutical companies.

For example, did you know that fasting can help fight cancer?

Research indicates [1] that fasting may help with cancer treatment. Not only does it lower insulin resistance and inflammation, but it can reverse obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and other conditions that are risk factors in cancer.

Fasting also promotes autophagy, the breakdown of cells for later use. Autophagy helps to defend the body from threats, including the threat of cancer. It may help to suppress tumor-producing genes and slow the spread of tumors.

Or, what about giving CBD oil a try?

The oil made with cannabinoids (from the cannabis plant)[2] may provide pain relief for those undergoing cancer treatment, as well as manage the nausea common to chemotherapy patients.

CBD hasn’t been clinically proven to combat cancer, but small pilot studies have indicated that cannabinoids can help to inhibit tumor cell growth.

Vitamin B17, also known as laetrile, might be another natural method for treating cancer [3]. Laetrile contains purified amygdalin, a compound found in seeds, beans, veggies, and nuts. While it was removed from use in the 1970s due to its inherent risks (it was deemed poisonous), a recent test-tube study found that amygdalin could help immune cells adhere to prostate cancer cells, speeding up the process of killing off the carcinogenic cells.

If you want to go deep, try cutting all sugar from your diet. Sugar doesn’t CAUSE cancer, but there is an indirect link between sugar and cancer [4]. Obesity and diabetes (the result of high sugar intake) are two major risk factors in cancer, and cancer cells feed on glucose in your bloodstream in order to have enough energy to reproduce and spread.

While science isn’t quite clear on how sugar might lead to higher cancer rates, it’s clear that it DOES. For that reason, it’s a good idea to go on a sugar cleanse and get rid of anything with added or refined sugar from your diet. Natural sugars in fruit get a pass, but everything else needs to be taken off your plate!

The pharmaceutical industry has been pulling the strings in healthcare for too long. You and your loved ones deserve better than more drugs and medications that may or may not work. Be informed, take control of your life, and learn what you can do to combat or prevent cancer today. Knowledge is the best weapon in your war on cancer.


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