Your Summer Eating Guide: 7 Seasonal Foods in Fashion!

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The weather is hot, which means you should be looking for foods that are cool, refreshing, or light. Instead of loading up on steaming-hot, heavy meals, time to find the summer meals that are great for your waistline and your internal thermostat.

Here are the seasonal foods and dishes you should definitely start loading up on this summer:


There are few healthier and easier-to-eat veggies than zucchini!

It contains a whole lot of fiber and water, and plenty of vitamins—B6, C, and K—riboflavin, folate, and critical minerals. It’s also amazing for your digestive system, improves cardiovascular health, combats high blood sugar, reduces oxidative stress, prevents inflammation, and encourages weight loss.

What’s not to love?

Zucchini makes the perfect addition to a breakfast frittata, can replace noodles in your favorite lasagna, or goes well with just about any stir fry. It’s not ideal as a raw veggie, but adding into any dish is definitely the way to get more nutrients in your daily meals! Just remember to get organic zucchini as this is one of the most GMO veggie in the U.S.


Watermelon is, hands down, the best fruit to increase your fluid intake. Made up of 92% water and loaded with vital electrolytes [2], it’s amazing for staying hydrated during the summer heat.

Men will also find it’s great for prostate health, thanks to all the lycopene it contains. Its high fiber and water content makes it ideal for improving digestion, decreases inflammation, and thanks to the Vitamin A and C it contains, it’s amazing for your skin. It can also reduce muscle soreness, lower blood pressure, and even help to prevent asthma.

Best of all, it’s absolutely delicious when eaten cold! Make sure to always have watermelon on hand this summer—your body will thank you.

Cold Soups

The idea of eating a soup may hold little appeal during the summer months, but that’s where cold soups come into play!

Cold tomato soup is surprisingly refreshing, and it’s loaded with nutrients—everything from Vitamin C to fiber to lycopene to critical minerals. With a drizzle of sour cream, it makes an absolutely delicious and refreshing starter.

Or, try a bit of gazpacho—tomato with cucumber, green pepper, garlic, spring onions, and sherry vinegar mixed in. It’s a wonderfully cooling soup that will bring a smile to your face on even the hottest summer day.


Nothing says summer party and fun like a bowl of guacamole, made with freshly crushed avocado, diced tomatoes and onions, some serrano peppers, lime, and chopped cilantro. Or, try making yourself an avocado lemonade, adding half an avocado into a blender with ice, lime juice, and honey. It’s rich in nutrients, packed with dietary fiber, loaded with healthy plant-based fats, and wonderfully filling.

Grilled Fish

Don’t forget to load up on protein, especially if you’re going to be doing a lot of summer sports!

The last thing most of us want on a hot summer day is to slave over a grill, flipping burgers or making sure those steaks are grilled to perfection. But that’s why fish is such a great choice! Fish steaks cook in a matter of minutes, and you get a whole lot of flavor packed into that meat. With a squeeze of lime and a sprinkling of herbs, you’ve got a quick and easy summer meal.

Best of all, fish is loaded to the gills (pun absolutely intended) with important nutrients: protein for your muscles, Omega-3 fatty acids for your brain, zinc for your immune system, and the list goes on!

Fish is by far the best protein for your health, and it’s the perfect addition to your summer diet for quick and easy grilling.

Unsweetened Iced Beverages

Time to kick back with something cold to drink!

Iced tea is an amazing drink, especially when it’s made sans sugar but with all the nutrients found in black tea, lemon tea, peppermint tea, or green tea.

Or, if you want to go with something “popular”, try an iced matcha latte. You get all the refreshing deliciousness of an iced latte (plus a caffeine kick), with the antioxidants and vitamins of matcha green tea powder thrown into the mix. What’s not to love?


Strawberries are amazing on their own, served with a helping of coconut cream, or mixed into a yoghurt parfait (using unsweetened yoghurt, of course!).

These little berries are loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants [3], along with a healthy dose of dietary fiber to improve digestion. They’re rich in the potassium your body needs to balance out its fluid, and they can do wonders to improve blood sugar control to reduce your risk of diabetes.

Plus, they’re absolutely delicious, with enough sweetness to be the perfect dessert without overloading on the sugar!

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